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Curb your enthusiasm Season 9

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As a huge Larry David and Seinfeld fan, I was anxiously anticipating Season 9. However I find this Season borderline unwatchable. The jokes feel regurgitated and not nearly as funny as they once were.  Larry’s character has always been odd and outrageous. However I feel like they are taking him to a new level of extreme with his oddities this season. It feels like they are trying to hard to go out with one Big last who-rah. 

Seinfeld never wanted to extend his show, he ended it early at the shows height of popularity. Yeah he got a lot of criticism for the final episode, but that was one episode. I completely understand why he didn’t want to do a reunion show/season. Season 9 of curb feels like a 10 episode reunion with stale comedy and overplayed scenarios. 

I’m on episode 4, I’m sticking with it, hoping it will wrap up nicely. 

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I think he took too long off, the jokes feel dated and that style of comedy while revolutionary in its time during Seinfeld & the early seasons of Curb, just feel dated now.

I only watched 3 episodes so far with barley a chuckle and it’s only  at Leon the JB Smoove character.



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at least Susie Essman keep trying to show off her camel toe. 

HBO looking for comedies and Larry David saw a money grab.

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wOw completely agree !!! ive been waiting for someone to articulate this, and honestly have been lying to my friends (who do like it) about how much i enjoy it to save face. feels like a different show, not the Curb I am used to watching. Pace and jokes are off-pace, stories seem to run against each other rather than converging a la Seinfeld/old Curb. 

honestly laugh more at vice principals than curb now 

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