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Aaron Hernandez's Brain

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4 minutes ago, Cyberjag said:

Ok, so I read through all this crap earlier just because I was interested in the CTE thing.  I am under the impression that you believe CTE is a thing, but not that it causes all sorts of behavior.  I'm not sure that is unreasonable either, as there's no way to determine who has CTE until after they're dead, and even then you have no way of knowing when they got it, so it stands to reason that there's no way to determine causation.

What I'm curious about is who profits.  With the Global Warming thing, there's an obvious control/power thing in play.  With most conspiracy theories, someone wins somehow.  If CTE is a bunch of BS, why are people saying that it's a big thing and the cause of all these problems?  Who wins if they're right?

Hope my question makes sense.  I'm genuinely interested in what you think on this, given what you've said about the issue so far.


Because when Junior Seau died, they found he had "CTE." ...Then subsequently they found CTE was very prevalent among NFL football players, and so they jumped to conclusions and, like most trendy crap like that, u can get easy funding and grants to do studies on it also.

You'll be hard pressed to find a doctor who says CTE causes any major problems or they have any conclusive evidence, or even very good suggestive evidence. Its all speculative and there's no evidence to directly link it to anything. There's studies showing that a history of concussion can mildly affect cognitive ability, so you can infer what you'd like from that, and I do...I infer that CTE is "real", but not in the sense its made out to be, I think its a very minor thing that doesn't warrant as much worry and hype as its getting.

Pretty much the fact everyone thinks its "conclusive" is because on the media hype around it. I tend to believe CTE is very prevalent in the general population, as you see soccer players who...what, hit a ball with their heads every once in a while? with CTE just like football players..retired military with high prevalence, etc. As I've said before, you can also look it up and see that people with PTSD, depression, etc. have brains indistinguishable from people with CTE.  Guess which NFL players' brains were donated to be studied for CTE(like in the latest study where 110/111 brains had CTE)?? PLAYERS WHO DIED FROM SUICIDE OR SHOWED DEPRESSIVE SYMPTOMS! Just logically it appears to me to be a bunch of hype and until any kind of study comes out to prove otherwise, that's where I stand. 


That article about sums up where I'm at as well. There just doesn't appear to be much of any symptoms of CTE in living players, it doesn't seem to affect them. 

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50 minutes ago, RealisticPanther said:

Because when Junior Seau died, they found he had "CTE." ... <snip>

So basically, it's just a cudgel to beat up football with, huh?

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3 hours ago, Cyberjag said:

So basically, it's just a cudgel to beat up football with, huh?

I don't think that was really its initial intent, I think with the media it just got out of control and ended up that way. 

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