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Devin Funchess Compared To Rest Of NFC South WR1s

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12 minutes ago, Saca312 said:

Something really interesting to think about this bye week.

  • Julio Jones (ATL): 49 Catches | 715 Yards | 14.6 YPC l 1 TD
  • Michael Thomas (NO): 59 Catches | 662 Yards | 11.2 YPC l 2 TDs
  • Devin Funchess (CAR): 43 Catches | 535 Yards | 12.4 YPC l 5 TDs
  • Mike Evans (TB): 40 Catches | 532 Yards | 13.3 YPC l 4 TD

From these stats, here's Funchess' hallmarks:

  • 1st the NFC South in touchdowns so far this season with five total.
  • 3rd in total yards and average yards per catch.

In the past two games where Funchess was a true WR1:

  • Julio Jones (ATL): 12 Catches | 175 Yards | 14.6 YPC l 0 TD
  • Michael Thomas (NO): 17 Catches | 182 Yards | 10.7 YPC l 0 TDs
  • Devin Funchess (CAR): 10 Catches | 178 Yards | 17.8 YPC l 2 TDs
  • Mike Evans* (TB): 6 Catches | 73 Yards | 12.2 YPC l 0 TD

So, based on these stats with Funchess as WR1...

  • 1st in the NFC South with touchdowns over the past two games (2).
  • 1st in the NFC South with average yards per catch over the past two games with an astounding average 17.8 YPC.
  • 2nd in the NFC South with total yards over the past two games, ahead of both Mike Evans and Julio Jones.

*In two games prior to suspension

So, just something to chew on...



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That is awesome over a small sample.  He is at best the third best on that list but it includes maybe two of the top five in the league so no worries there.

I have felt he was better than KB and had no problem trading the latter.  My only problem with the trade was I believe that we could have got more.  Cam and Devin will have a lot of Fun(chess) together (yes, I am a dork)

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After a couple of years of "I'm not impressed by him" and "he's not good" and "he can't catch", the new narrative around here is "he's gotten a lot better". And that is true, he's a better player because time = experience = improvement.....given that the player in question is a good player. Give Jimmy Clausen 3 years and he's still Jimmy Clausen. Or Dwayne Jarrett. Or whoever.

Funchess has always been good for us. He has always had the ability and now that he's in a position to show out, he is.

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