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Eminem's new album "Revival"

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So it released today. There are some good songs but overall the album is just....bad. Disappointing. Production quality is subpar for even the most middling Eminem album. He's still got all the lyrical skill in the world, but it's...I don't even have the words. I was so excited and now I feel like I've been tricked and this album is just a joke.

It may grow on me, but it's just not at all what I was expecting from an Eminem album.

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I know we all grow up, and it is unreasonable for me to expect him to talk about the same thing he did 10-15 years ago. 

But I agree, I was giving the album a listen yesterday in the car, and there was never that “moment” that made me go “wow”.

I don’t know who produced the album for him, but it seemed very cookie cutter, and seems almost like they said “hey we did this in the last album, let’s do it again”. They took a older rock song, and remixes it (twice, which I don’t mind I actually like it usually, but not this time), did a slower song and then had Em “switch” at the very end to tease something later that never shows. 

He is my favorite MC of all time, his albums have a special place in my heart and it’s been good to see him grow. But this album was a miss. Hopefully we see another album that “fixes” this like recovery/relapse.

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It's a weird album.  It's probably one of his best overall, but nothing that makes it worth listening to over and over again at the same time. Usually there are songs I like and songs I hate, and there are neither of these on this album. I won't be pulling any tracks off of this album to add to any playlists, but at the same time there's not a song that I can't stand listening to or just think outright sucks.

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