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More Details - Jerry Richardson Investigated For BOTH Racial and Sexual Misconduct.

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7 hours ago, electro's horse said:

he's absolutely a predator from the information out there. How many woman does he have to grope while insisting on putting on their seat belt? How worse of a request to shave someone's legs does it have to be? like what is your line that is crossed before "yeah this dude is a predator?" Because to me it sounds like unless he held a girl down and raped her than it was just boys being boys. 

He is not being sentenced. This is not a court of law. He will face no criminal punishment for this, and has paid out his ass to ensure so. You can't appeal to a non existent legal standard where none applies. However, people like him can't buy their good name anymore, and he is deserving of what he's getting. 

Yes, jerry richardson is a racist. Yes this is abuse. And yes I am completely comfortable calling for him to be made an example of. But you're a goddamn moron if you think that makes me the same thing as a nazi, and pretty clearly not even worth responding to. 

lol sex abuse is the same as marijuana possession and speeding. 

are you 18?

All of your arguments are with false and uncompelling logic... Everything I say you make it into something its not. Nailing him to the wall and making an example of him sounds very Nazi like, how can you not see that. 

I have repeatedly said he was wrong. But there is a difference between the seat belt maneuver and rape. Consent is a big part of this too. Everyone knew how he was. If a woman asked him to stop and he didn't, that makes it much worse. 

I am not defending his actions, Im defending common sense and productive discussion of issues like this. Pinning people to walls doesn't really help. This was a cultural issue in the building. Everyone needs to act better going forward, not just one man.

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