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Early Panthers 3-Round Mock From Tyler Vagyler

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Rd 1: Ronnie Harrison
- Our biggest need right now is a top tier DB. Mike Adams is awful which makes Coleman's job harder. Harrison would allow Coleman to play FS where he is a playmaker. This pick would make our defense solid at every level.

Rd 2: Nick Chubb (use one of the extra 3rds to move up)
- Finally get rid of Jonathan Stewart. Then take advantage of having an extra 3rd rounder and trade up for Chubb. He would be a perfect compliment to McCaffrey. A package of Cam/Chubb/McCaffrey with Funchess/Samuel/Olsen as receiving options would give teams headaches.

Rd 3: Dante Pettis
- Pettis would take pressure off McCaffrey to do KR/PR. He would also give us another playmaker at receiver. I'd be very happy going into nextseason with Funchess/Samuel/Byrd/Pettis/FA vet.

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Looks like Ronnie Harrison is becoming as much of a early favorite draft pick as Fournette was last year around this time . I'm kinda expecting the same thing to happen tho, some team in front of us is going to fall in love with him and  snag him before week pick. Especially if we win some playoffs games we're going to be picking way down the list and it'll be very difficult to predict who is still available all the way at the end of rounds like that. 

I'd like that draft tho if it happened. 

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I would accept this, though I would rather keep picks and I hope we snag a WR in FA instead.

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Like pettis, not sure if Harrison is there, don’t want Chubb and also don’t want to waste picks trading for him. If Guice is there 2nd just go for him but really do not want to draft another fing rb this year


also Christian Kirk if he’s there 1st round

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