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Cookie Lyon

Mike Shula Q&A

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2 hours ago, panthers55 said:

It isn't Shula it is Cam. He often throws late over the middle and has no touch on the ball. He tries to rocket passes which when tipped are easy interceptions. Since there are more defenders in the middle of the field the chance of an errant throw turning into an interception increases. An OC doesn't ignore the middle of the field for no reason, that is stupid to think. Look at defenders next time on Cam's passes over the middle. They undercut routes knowing Cam can't loft the ball over them with touch and the safeties hang back waiting for the frequent tipped balls. He throws every pass the same and most times wait too long which gives defenders time to catch up and recover on routes. We use the sidelines because the players usually have one defender there and errant throws sail harm c.f.lessly out of bounds. This offense is built around Cam strengths and they aren't passing over the middle.

Well even if that is the reason its still DUMB on the coaching staff part...i have seen Cam throw over the middle and have success. He does not sail passes every time. He is a rhythm passer and if Shula was truly doing what works for Cam ..we wouldn' have plays that are working not seen again for plays that don' t work.. Or players that are playing well taking out of the next series for someone who is not producing.. Shula knows nothing about rhythm or successful plays or personnel...As soon as it starts clicking he disrupts it with stupid playcalling and personnel .

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20 hours ago, weyco2000 said:

Serious question, not trying to be an ass. If Shula is calling these god awful plays, why doesn’t Cam check out? 

Because the options he gives him suck too. The l personnel on the field probably does not match with the plays. Cam said it himself he takes what the of gives him and does his best to make it work..

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