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Some similarities to the 2003 team?

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So from my memory, the 2003 team had a better defense and better receivers but only put up on avg 20 pts a game, different era.


They never dominated all season long, even on their 5-0 start. Then they had a bad stretch of the season where they lost 4 out 6, including 3 in a row. When the playoffs came they had to play against teams that beat them earlier in the year.


dallas in WC (beat Panthers earlier in the year)

rams in div (this is the team that is similar to NO)

eagles in nfc champ (beat Panthers  earlier  in the year)

I know social media wasn't really a thing back then but I remember sports media never giving a chance to win at all.


2017 Panthers

sort of hot start 4-1 but didnt dominate either but we have been cardiac cats again.


Then had a bad stretch vs philly and Chicago. Got sort of hot again, but sputtered against division foes.


So nfc wc (play division team that beat us twice)

div philly ( team that beat us earlier in the year)

nfc champ unknown



So not exactly like the 03 team but this team does remind me of them, If some of our stat people are board maybe they can provide more evidence and parallels.


Im just trying to give myself some hope after my freak out this last Sunday.



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There's a lack of heart, for one thing.

Also 2003 defense was on another level compared to this one.    Also the run game was on point.

Things were different for sure, 20 points could win you most games.     Rivera would have been a great coach back then, now, he's just out of place.

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Don't see the comparison at all, without looking at any stats. Just watching the games...just a better team all around. More heart, more aggressive and urgent Dline, pieces that fit the ball control (outdated) mindset were in place whereas now it seems forced on players who are geared towards a more progressive philosophy. They're really not close, 2003 team is a much better team when you consider what teams are trying to do in the era they exist in.

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1 minute ago, Mr. Scot said:

We had a far superior offensive coordinator in 2003.

That is definitely true. I believe nostalgia has us holding the 03 team to higher degrees. I remember them infuriating me all season long and I didn't think they would get past the greatest show on turf at all. That offense was truly amazing. That was the best playoff game I ever watched.


I believe the 03 team overachieved.


So far the 2017 team I feel has underachieved 


But this 2017 team has a chance to change their fortunes just like the 03 team.

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2003 we had Smith moose and proehl. Now we have scrubs

steven Davis and a young desean foster.

Our defense I believe was better. Jake made a really good Brett farve impersonation too.

that team seemed to have like the eye of the tiger to sound cliche.

this one,.. I just don’t see it except in spurts. 2015 and 2013 yeh it was there. It’s still on Ron why we lost the 2013 Frisco game. We could have gone farther for sure.

i hope we they read all of this and find it.

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In 2003 if you needed X done in any given game.....there was an answer.  

2017 lacks a a real threat downfield 

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2003 Defense was much better. We also had a great running game in 2003 that didn't require us rushing our QB. 2003 team in general was also was more physical. This year's team for me is more like the 2014 team. You don't really know what you are  about to get. 

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2003 we had 2 solid WRs, 2017 we have a group of WRs that would be lucky to be a #3 on any other team in the league. 2003 we had solid safety play... 2017 we have probably the worst safety combo in the league. We have a offense with no fire and players that can't win 1 on 1 match ups all across the board this year, so no, there is no similarities between the 2

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