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The Trumpers are really bad at their BS

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55 minutes ago, Fryfan said:

Its amazing we are in a news cycle that is so overwhelmed that Assange trying to drop dirt on a top member on the Senate Intelligence committee for office on a guy who created a fake hannity account when he was bored home with a flu barely makes a blip.


methinks Sean Hannity will have some bad times ahead.  He seems to be content just going all in.  Think he knows at this point the only way he escapes trouble is for Trump to beat our IC. 

I mean we have one of the primary face of a national american news channel....literally working to spread Russian propaganda and do their bidding. 

Imagine what would happen to some one caught doing something like that many moons ago.  


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Trump is Russian propaganda. He is bought and paid for by the Russians, people believed Russian-planted advertising and campaign lies and voted for him. 

Aside from the alt-right and evangelical "christians" and several thousand ignorant sheep who really listen to and believe Fox News, Putin wasn't able to influence the vast majority of the voting public, but he did influence enough to win the electoral vote.

Well played, Vlad.

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so so so bad at their BS.

so now apparently, despite the indictments clearly showing the Russian path to help Trump.  Kayleigh McEnany says that when they tried to influence protests against Trump after he won that somehow Russia was against Trump.  Shut it down. 

Uh, yeah, they wanted Trump in office because it was bad for us and good for them.  When he got in.  They weren't going to praise him as great.  US Intel has told you 1000 times.  There goal is also to divide.  So yeah, first thing they do is when Trump one is to incite anger against him and further divide the country. 

Oh yeah, and some how this proves their was no collusion.   Some old recycled line.  If Mueller hasn't hammered X yet then somehow that is proof it never occured.   Because if there was collusion Mueller absolutely must of revealed it today or it is all a hoax. 




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Why Is CNN Always on at Airports? Tucker Carlson Explains


"Airports feel like a lesser version of hell with dirty seats, overpriced food and propaganda posing as news on CNN," said Carlson.

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