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2019 Military Budget: Pentagon Wins, American Taxpayers Lose

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2 hours ago, Zaximus said:

It seems most democrats, independents, libertarians, and conservative republicans (not this new breed of Trumpsters) agree.  

Fiscal conservatives are few and far between in congress.  I honestly doubt any exist these days. 

Dems and Pubs are corporatists.  Congress gave the military more than even Trump asked for and what he asked for was outrageous.  Now our "representatives" can go back home and tell the voters about all the jobs they've created for their districts while leaving out the part about how the things produced by those jobs will result in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, with millions more left homeless overseas.

How bad is it?  We are prosecuting undeclared warfare in more places than even our former Secretary of Defense under Obama could recall when asked for a specific number.  Things have only gotten worse under Trump, as he has delegated such decisions to the military.

The American public is largely oblivious to our military imperialism, which makes it all possible to being with.

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