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Black Panther the movie

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Why are the only people trying to turn this into a racial argument PSC and his, I mean...  some random alt?

Everyone else is talking about the movie.

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On 2/20/2018 at 10:25 PM, SZ James (banned) said:

I saw it a couple hours ago. It's not bad, the Wakandian world was dope and I liked Tchallas sister and to a lesser extent Chadwick Boseman.

One thing I'll say is that I was disappointed in Michael B Jordan's character. Not his back story or motive just his acting/dialogue. I don't know where the blame lies there but that was the biggest missed opportunity for me.

I agree I thought Killmongers dialogue should have been flushed out more. He seemed to speak in generalizations that came across as awkward at times for me. Fantastic film otherwise.

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