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This entire d can go to hell

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You mother f*ckers are retarded.

yea, the defense didn't completely shut down one of the leagues best teams at thier house.

yep, lets scrap this season its over with. (sarcasm)

suck it up.

We took one of if not the leagues best team to the limit, and should have won.

Grow a sack and get ready for N.O. ( to the ladies, do what yall do.)

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Well since this season is basically a wrap(thanks D), time to move on to next season

offense is beastin - D will best RB in league, and I dont want to hear it

who better? Peterson? Westbrook? LT?


oh, and for all the clowns blaming Kasay, STFU

not his fault our D more soft than charmin toilet tissue

now the D

1.)Pep has to go - seriously, Brayton is 10x better than this overrated bum

get him out

2.)Sign Nnamdi Asomough - pay this guy what he wants, I dont care.....we need him

3.)Draft a stud DB in the draft - We must get one of the following: Malcom Jenkins, Taylor Mays, William Moore or Alphonso Smith

4.) Fire Trgo - seriously, his conservative play calling will get this team nowhere. Giants CAN NOT PASS yet you let em run all over you and throw dink/dunk passes all night.......and then they play ZONE cvg.......WHY!?!?!!? If Gamble and Lucas cant cvr Hixon, Toomer and Smith, then they need to get deported

5) Get Terrell Suggs - blows the doors off of Peppers


when did you jump off the saints bandwagon and onto ours, this reaks of saint logic.

1st get rid of the only Dlineman that can get to the qb, oh thats just great, he is by far the most complete DL we have.

2 get another cb, yeah we need to have 3 of the top 6-7 paid cbs in the game, great idea.

3) oh to fix #2 we should cut lucus and gamble b/c they cant cover. so now we are in cap hell paying gamble who just signed a big deal, and cut lucus too. NO depth great idea.

4) draft a top 10 DB. best idea yet, too bad we have no 1st round picks. oh and sorry to break it to ya, no one will take gamble for a top 10 pick.

5) suggs, a de/olb in a 3-4 is istantly better than peppers. right the guy that has a much better interior line, and plays in a system (the 3-4) that tend to get the OLB rushers sick stats. too bad porter and harrison both better, and neither can play OLB imagine that.

your name is fitting, idiotic. fire must go. right, dumbass.

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why did I offend your brother Julius Peppers??

we have got to sign Nnamdi A., draft a stud saftey, and then try and get an elite pass rusher

Terrell Suggs could do wonders down here

Send Pep to Lithuania


we signed harris long term and drafted one in godfrey (rookie that has mistakes like any rookie), dumbass. do some homework before u post.

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yea he missed it but seriously, he's the last of our problems

if there wasnt such a gust, i would've split the uprights

lay off of him

Nope. Not gonna lay off him. He's not a clutch kicker in big games. Blame it on the wind if you want.

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What? The Gaints? What?? LOok at our f***in defense, we haven't shut down s*** on the road all year!!!

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I'm get sick and tired of people giving our defense way too much credit... the offense is what makes the Panthers who they are. I'm tired of people trying to hype up our 'D, like we're among the best in the NFC!!! Bulls***!!! If anybody thinks Peppers is worth $120 million and Lucas is worth $8 million (next season) and that anybody on our defense is worth s***... they are living in a dream world!

Even when we win, our defense gives the other team every possible change to beat us because they can't protect a lead to save their lives.

Neither our offense nor our defense is good enough to get us pass Round 1 of the NFC Playoffs. This team is just not that good.

We played the defending Super Bowl Champs today, and the result is what we should have expected. They have a better team and a better Coach.

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6.) get a big game kicker.

i hate saying it but he completely misjudged it. started straight down the pipe with a 15+ mph wild going left right to left (or left to right from behind goalpost). needed the wind to stop for it to go through, had no chance with the wind. that would a been game set match right there. and thats what makes a great kicker converting on hard FG (it was within his range, had plenty of leg with the tailwind) , and a good one. thats 2 big foul ups that should not have happened in the 2 biggest games of his career.

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LOL at all the clowns who get their panties in a knot when someone speaks bad about Julius "The God" Peppers

what the heck has he done??


true pash rushers disrupt many plays in a game

Pep disrupted 1 yesterday and that was the sack

grow up

and I admit, I forgot the idiots traded away our 1 rnd pick for Otah.........real smart right there

now our D is in more trouble than the Illinois Governor and we cant do nothing

I guess now we can get Nnamdi and then hope and pray

nice job Hurney

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