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Just now, ImaginaryKev said:

Democrats aren't for open borders, some of you Trump supporters need to quit trying to move the goalposts and creating this epic fugging strawman in order to defend human rights abuses because it's sick

Obama was the Deporter in Chief.  Both sides just make up false realities but the Trump era is a totally new game. 

Republican party had been a pro immigration one.  Before it died when Trump hijacked it.  Trump's team wants to stop all the folks from coming in.

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I'm not talking Obama specifically. I know he deported tons of people. But this whole "dems are open borders" poo is a lie, and tondi mentioning tax cuts without mentioning that only the super rich benefit is the picture of intellectual dishonesty

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Well you can't cut federal income taxes on people who pay little, if any, federal income taxes.  Nobody who is "poor" in this country is paying federal income taxes and many of them get way more back than they pay via EITC.  Any federal income tax cut is going to disproportionately help those who, you know, actually pay federal income taxes. You may hate them and think you deserve their money but that's another issue entirely. I'm certainly not super rich and my tax bill went down a couple thousand a year.  Of course people have a wide opinion on what's super rich. To some it's millions a year, to others its 50k a year.  

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I am a blue state firmly middle class person who owns property.  My taxes went up.

You absolutely can structure tax cuts to help lower - middle.  This bill did not by any means.  The George W. which Obama then made permanent did a better job.  This one is laughable at how lopsided it is.





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