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hey all

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Welcome to the board! Maybe you will bring the Panthers some good luck! moon.gif

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thank you Hawk and nc biscuit:cheers2:

Don't trust either of them :D

Welcome aboard

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    • damn dude nice revisionism. be sure to drop by the stormbox sometime and we can ponder if hitler would have won (of course) and if it's even physically possible to exterminate 11 million people or if that's just another (((conspiracy))) um well actually it's a democratic people's republic which is why it's in the name. or did you just miss that part?
    •   *posts picture of the guy literally wearing White Power symbol* "Ah leave it up to the leftists, anyone wearing White Power symbols is a nazi now" lmfao you guys are fuging pathetic
    • one that has to be told a basic trade rule 10 times, when he told us how he was going to make great trade deals, doesn't exactly sound like a guy even approaching the hemisphere of perfection. A freaking idiot is a term that applies.