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Our team is full of surprises, but the sky is not falling.

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Boy! I had it all figured out. Never did I think that our defense would let Ward run all over us. We held down The Burner, LT, Forte etc., but for some reason---on our biggest stage---we let Ward punk us on a national stage. Wow! Spare me the excuses! The absence of one person does not account for the absence of determination and heart for our whole defense. Blame the DC all you want but he wasn't the one playing the game.

I am trying to figure out if we were that bad, or was the Giants O-line that good. Or both? In any event, we have to focus on the positive. It's obvious that we could have (and probably should have) won that game last night. We are still an elite team in the NFC, but we had better get back to focusing on playing every single down, like I have said all season. In the end, it may be a good thing that we found a way to lose (in a manner that was previously unthinkable), because not only is beating the Giants a couple of times in the season a tall order, but beating anyone when you are not prepared on the defensive side of the ball is extremely difficult.

But, we haven't made it to 11 and 4 for nothing. And we all know that our defense has, and can, do better than what was put on display last night.

Don't lose your optimism! Now we can all take our heads out of the clouds, and our defense can take their heads out of their posteriors and focus on playing every single down, every single game.

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