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Carolina versus Belmont Abbey 57-31 half

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I'm friggen defending a UNC player from a UNC fan. How ironic is that?? :lol:

Yes that shows you he has no idea what the hell he is talking about. He called Hanbrough a good but not great rebounder. Perkins was great and they averaged the same. I guess they need to be saved from themselves. He needs to figure out what he is trying to argue.

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Twilight Zone

Davis will never be great compared to stats of players in the past (if that is what we are going on) because no way in hell he is lasting all 4 years at Chapel Hill....Hell he might be gone after this season, and the same with Henson

This is not the same Carolina team, even though they can run the court I think they need to out physical teams, put some muscle on those boys and just go to town down low...Drew while he played decent tonight will have to develop quickly, because the schedule is murder the next few weeks(would not surprise me to see 2-4 loses by the end of of December).......I do like how Ginyard has become aggressive on the offensive end now though

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