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Kevin Greene

Iverson leaves Memphis

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Be very glad Charlotte did not get this train wreck.

Iverson also acknowledged that he had become a distraction.

"When I hear anything about the Memphis Grizzlies, I don't hear you guys talk about anything other than the situation with me coming off the bench," he said Friday. "I mean, there's got to be something else with this team to talk about besides that. But I guess that sells a lot better than anything else when it comes to this team."

The worst part of his situation, Iverson said, was that he and Hollins have not discussed the situation in private.

"That's probably why it's at this point right now," Iverson said. "It's probably going to always be hard for me and him to see eye-to-eye, because we've never even talked to each other. Obviously that's what you do if you're trying to accomplish the same goal."

When asked before Saturday's game to respond, Hollins bluntly: "If Allen wants to talk to me, my door is open. I talk to him during the game before the game and after the game.


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It would have been better here. Larry Brown could have made him the last man off the bench and he would have been able to talk him into it being good for him. I think LB has developed mind control over Iverson as the years have gone by.

But honestly, it would have been a non-issue here. He would have been starting at SG from day one. Who would have supplanted him? Graham? Gerald Henderson?

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I doubt LB would have changed the selfish AI. You think they bumped heads before...would have been ten fold in Charlotte...glad we didnt move on him. The FO actually made a good call:confused:

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