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Has anyone had this "prunnet.exe" virus on their PC?

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I ended up trying to install DivX again last night, and while downloading the program, my PC started to slow down.

Come to find out it was the virus running and installing.

It ended up installing something would create pop-ups and such. Simple and annoying... just get rid of it...

But, then I find out it blocks all "antivirus" websites... Not good there. But, no fear, I have antivirus on my PC, so I can just do a scan.

WRONG! It make the programs "connection" to it's database (internal) fail, so it can't scan and it stops with a "failed connection".

So, I ended up having to just redo my whole computer being I tried for 3 hours to get rid of this thing with no luck.

Have any of you seen/heard/know anyone that was hit with this thing?

I saw on one of my many searched that this virus was added to a virus database on the 21st of this month.

I hope you all are updated on your antivirus software. (yeah yeah, and all you Mac users can just post this ":p" and leave. LOL)

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No, but that sucks. My definitions say they were updated a few hours ago. They didn't have any way of letting you get to a 3rd party site where you could get the removal tool? Sneaky.

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did you try going into safe mode, and deleting it from the registry?


my virus scanner found it as it popped up, gave me the name of 2 files.... and I couldn't find them on my PC anymore (but when that happens I right them down)

I did the search and read a few sites saying the same thing.. remove the file, and remove it from the registry in safe mode and all that. but the PC shut down.. crashed... then did it 3 more time on start up.

Once I got it stable enough to search again for removal tools, I couldn't get to any of the sites... not even in safe mode with network connections.

I had a registry watch on there too... and ti infected all my processes running, because when it popped up stating there was a requested change... it was a list of all the process running on my PC. :(

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I got a bug like that recently. It just seemed to block me every way I tried to go to fix it.


I reinstalled and YAY for the EMachine Backup. I didd't lose any of my pictures or music or movies.

Now... the programs and such... I have to spend hours reinstalling.

Oh well... fresh install I guess.

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I'm in the same boat Alv....got it along with gadcom virus. I'm still screwed. Seems to be cleaned but I can't get my wireless to connect at all. Windows doesn't even see my router of my neighbors.

I'm about at the point of backing up to an external HD, running a scan on those files, wiping the partition off the HD and starting from scratch.

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