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Burj Dubai Spire

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let me guess...a couple of ENG majors. lol.

ENG==No Fun

English? Was English 202 the study of fluid dynamics?

Here's a lab experiment for you:

Terminal velocity averages out to be somewhere around 120mph for a skydiver. Find someone with a fast car, flat road, and a bag of gummi bears. Throw one out the window at 120mph and let us know what kind of carnage ensues.

btw---I'm just busting your balls. :D

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I get chills when he points the camera over the side and it shakes in his hand. I could never ever do that. I'd be paralysed with fear.

I wonder what the terminal velocity of a gummy bear is and just how much damage getting hit by one at that speed would do. Someone ring Mythbusters and get me Kari's number.....but also to y'know get them on the case.The main thing is to get me Kari's number though, just so we're clear.

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