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John Fox's philosophy leads to the need for come from behind victories

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Yes, John Fox is specifically telling his players to keep the game close. That's right, he's personally responsible for any lead that the team may relinquish. No, don't give credit to the other team, it's all John Fox's fault that the game works that way.

Trying to run up the score can be a double edged sword. You don't do it unless you know you're going to get points out of it. Sure, Jerome Bettis fumbles don't happen often, but there's always the chance.

All it takes is one play for the tide of the game to turn. And seriously, if they wanted to score, they would. But there are other factors to how the offense works.. for example.. the other teams defense?

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    • With rivera thinking defense would win mentality..they thought Cam would be enough him and Smitty and double trouble...didn't work that way..this is a passing league and you have to adjust..front 7 is nice but if the team is getting ball out quick it negates it.Our offense in the SB was slow and line not good on the right side..After loosing Smity we had no true threat...Benjamin is good but is slow. Ginn and Brown weak and small..they are no smity ..If Steve were here we would have had a 2015 SB. Imagine Smitty in Browns place during SB...the organization took a turn for worst on offense should have gotten a  replacement benji was not it or was not enough.
    • So you answer a question with a question? Have no opinion?  Scared to guess?
    • correct. herbert spencer's concept (falsely attributed to darwin) was used heavily throughout the late 19th century to add a scientific justification for things like child labor and opposing evils such as regulations. some people were meant to be poor! it is a sure sign someone has no empathy and shouldn't be a viable voice in putting together a society that works for everyone because it is inherently anti-social.