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Jon Scheyer

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I think LD II's problem is that he just tries too hard at times. Roy wants to play as fast as possible, and with this team I'm not sure that's a good thing right now. LD goes too far with his dribble sometimes and gets himself into trouble. I think he will work it out with more experience. The problem is even worse for Henson. He's playing a position that he doesn't look comfortable in, but he really can't play the four because he'll get pushed around inside, especially in the ACC. This whole team is a work in progress and I don't expect to see them really gel until about mid January.

Sorry I have to disagree with LD2. I think he gives great effort but he is just not that good of a point guard. I watched him against GW and he dribbled the ball off of his on leg at the top of the key. He will be a Quinton Thomas type, just be glad you have Marshall coming in next year. I do agree Roy wanting him to push the ball gets him in more trouble so it may be in their best interest to slow it down a bit. As far as Henson the kid is talented but is very awkward. He is quite scary to look at, I mean he is way too skinny and is very much a work in progress but he has talent and putting on about 25 lbs. would help out a lot.

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