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Hoop-Rat Classic at Wofford

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Absolutely ... we'll have our own video up later today. It really was a hoot to watch. Great learning tool for the students, too.

We've had national attention for it in the past, and may get some this time around.

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    • Yep, value is based on all the mocks people read. Bradberry was a horrible pick after the draft because he wasn't good value. Well, he played as well as most of the 1st round CBs and better than all of the 2nd rounders picked before him.
    • When I played sports and coached I've been in the same position as Ron. If the player tells you he is good you let him play. It shows you trust him. Everyone is banged up in the NFL and it's the medical and the player who have to make the call to shut it down. 
    • 1) Browns - DE Garrett - They cannot possibly fug this up 2) 49ers - DE Solomon Thomas - SF goes for best available player and Thomas stays in the Bay area. Would give them a tremendous front line w/Armstead and Buckner. 3) Bears - SS Adams - Fills a major need for them. They haven't had a quality safety since Mike Brown 4) JAX - RB Leonard Fournette - Jags are trying really, really hard to be relevant. From those ridiculous uniforms to the stupid pool in that stadium. Yes, they already have 2 RB's but neither is very good. Fournette will sell tickets. 5) Titans - CB Marshon Lattimore - Titans go for best CB on the board. Could also go for safety Malik Hooker. 6) Jets - TE OJ Howard - These are the current TE's on Jets roster: 84 Braedon Bowman 88 Austin Seferian-Jenkins 83 Eric Tomlinson 85 Jason Vander Laan 7) Chragers - DE Jonathan Allen - Chargers run a 3-4 defense and Allen would fit in perfectly. LA could also go with Malik Hooker here.            - This mock would be the worst possible scenario for us - And you can see that there would still be good players (Hooker, Allen, Barnett) available for us. We're fine.