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    • Why has civics been deemphasized across this nation? Knowledge is power.
    • This quote was and remains the most important in your original writeup: "The question is whether the Panthers can maximize his talents and Cam's at the same time." If Fournette is the guy, they need to be 100% certain that Cam can smoothly transition to an offense based around him being under center.  Because like you - I'm convinced that LF would be wasted in the offense we've run the past two years. Cam's footwork and read discipline will need to become much more consistent in an offense based on traditional formations.  Frankly, I'm not sure you mess with your MVP QB to draft a RB.  But it's possible that our shotgun-based offense won't work once the QB run is off the table, so maybe the transition has to happen anyway.  If that's their approach, LF could certainly ease that transition. Then again, can you transition the offense if Cam's shoulder isn't ready for the start of training camp?
    • Buy what you need? Republcians keep using this talking point....a talking point that plays to people that don't understand.  Because the talking point goes against what insurance is.... insurance wouldn't exist if people only paid for what they needed. the 25 year old then doesn't need to pay in for the 60 year old (that doesn't want to pay for maternity coverage) then....and the 60 year old needs to pay $60,000 for his insurance because he needs to bear the load for his blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, his triple bypass, hip replacement etc.