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I love it. I know it's only halftime but the cowgirls down 27-3 are gonna be watching the playoffs from their houses, once again. They may not win a playoff game this decade. Watch TO implode after the game, Guaranteed.:hurray::hurray:

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I wish Fox would learn a thing or two about closing out a game

Completely Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we had lost the game today I would've been fine with immediate dismissal. Even with a playoff birth.

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    • My understanding is that you are supposed to report major changes to your income ( that you used to determine your subsidy ) to health over the course of the year,  so that the subsidy you recieve is in line with your income.  If you don't then yes  - you will be penalized at years end but you will not be paying any extra, only what you should have with the extra income.  In other words they don't fine/penalize you.
    • Give the man a damn statue

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    • Was the reason I originally started watching the NFL and the Panthers and got me as obsessed as I am today.  Will forever be my favorite player. Wasn't always a role model but he's grown up a lot. He's a great father, family man, and I'd put his heart and will up against anyone's.