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Tom Brady Might Miss 2009 Season

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beastson    4,566

Brady, who had the ACL and MCL in his left knee ripped in the first quarter of the season's first game, is well behind schedule in coming back from the surgery performed in early October, the source said.

After the infection was detected [in October], Brady went through six weeks of antibiotics and surgical irrigation of the infected area. The infection finally cleared but as it currently stands, both the ACL and MCL remain "loose," the league source said. Meanwhile, scar tissue that built up in the knee as Brady's body battled the infection is still present and might need to be surgically removed.

Additionally, because of the scar tissue, Brady's knee doesn't have close to full mobility, the league source said. That means the process of regaining strength in his quadriceps - the most important muscle to build up after a knee injury - hasn't begun in earnest.


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Miaoww    17

I'm looking forward to his triumphant return on MNF where he throws for a gazillion yards and the ESPN broadcasting team slobber over him for three hours.

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Jangler    1,205

Never know, he might be done. Or they are just saying this, so when he plays in September, It will be frickin' miracle. :icon_bs:

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AKPantherFan    551

If I was him I would hang it up. Go out on Top.

I have a feeling that he is all "whatever", I will get better when I get better. After you have won 3 SB's, broken records and become one of the best QB's in history you dont have a lot left to fight back to accomplish.

i would worry about making lil babies with my new hot super model wife.

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