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Cooter Strikes Again.................

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Since there is no longer a Rebel Yell Section, :banghead:......I figured this as good as any location to post this.

And on Saturday morning, after a wounded deer stumbled into his backyard, he earned the nickname.

"I killed it with a stick," Borden said. "My friends are making a big deal of it because I didn't have anything on but boxers and a pair of sandals."

He found the deer when he went into the kitchen to get coffee — it had been shot in the neck, and didn't flee at the sight of Borden. That changed when Borden grabbed a severed, shoulder-height tree limb and gave chase into the nearby woods.

There, Borden hit the deer in the head until it lost consciousness, breaking off an antler in the process. To put the animal out of its misery, Borden cut its throat then called authorities.


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I mean, what else do you do when a wounded deer comes into your backyard?

I would tell you but it is still illegal in this state :D

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