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Why does Philly match up well against us?

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Honestly, I don't think they're defense can slow down our running game at all. Asante Samuel will do decent against Smith but we know we have other options. Offensively I think we're set against them.

Defensively I think we'll shut down Westbrook for sure. McNabb will do well against us passing but then again I'll be willing to blame most of that on Lucas. Eagles have a WR core based on speed and I think our defense is fast enough to negate that advantage. They're best recieving option Westbrook will most likely have to stay in to block (this is assuming that we have Kemo back) our D-Line.

Now do take note, I really just made this thread and threw in a bunch of optimism so the haters will come out and give me real reasons why they'll beat us or we'll do good.

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Lol jumping the gun quite a bit eh?

The only well play philly is if we both make it to the nfc championship game.

That being said their passing game, the WCO would shred us.

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I think Philly matches up well with the Vikings. They sure as hell don't match up well with us. The Vikings are dying to play us, but no way they make it past the Eagles imo.

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