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Rank Positions of Needs

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WR - WE HAVE TO HAVE SOME HELP ON THE OUTSIDE. We need another WR with Good hands that can stretch the Defense. We don't need a project we need a solid WR that can start NOW!!!!! Either a Free Agent or Shipley.

After that pretty much the best player available. Every position after that has some quality there Including DT. With Kemo coming back and Tank Johnson I think we are set DT too.

You could argue just about every position except TE and RB.

If I had to choose for the 3rd round it would be QB, but I think we would be wasting a pick because he will be stuck behind Moore. Kind of a high pick to be sitting the bench.

Go Panthers

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I like our TEs, but if we've signed a WR in free agency already and Gresham is there, fug it, draft him. Key word, IF.

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DT (We'll probably end up losing a few of these guys, in some way or another.)

WR - We have to have someone with speed to go opposite of Steve Smith. He's not getting any younger, he's great but he's gotta have some help. Get someone fast and they could do both WR & KR/PR.

OLB - Need to have someone ready to step in when Diggs decides to hang the cleats up. Could also help on ST's till then. Needs speed, we get killed by elite Te's with speed.

Qb- need to have a quality back up to Moore and someone to push him in TC.

DB - if we let Marshall go, we need someone who can take over the Nickel spot if CJ isn't able to do it.

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Hey, we don't need a DT, we have Kemo and Lewis who will be young forever, Tyler and Leonard who are proven starters in this league, and Corey Irvin looked like a phenom in training camp before he came down with a cold and the coaching staff put him on IR even though we were paper-thin at the position. :crazy:

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