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2009 Salary Cap Discussion

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What's the deal with our cap situation going into next season? Yeah, I know Peppers will be a huge chunk if we keep him, but we also have to worry about Gross and Kasey and some others too, right? What are some of the options we have for restructuring contracts and/or available money to sign new players if we need to?

I found this 2008 salary breakdown. Is it still accurate?

2008 Carolina Panthers Salaries

Julius Peppers(DE) $14,137,500

Jake Delhomme(QB) $10,956,666

Jordan Gross(OL) $7,461,240

Steve Smith(WR) $6,085,012

Ken Lucas(CB) $5,905,000

Ma'ake Kemoeatu(DT) $3,545,000

Travelle Wharton(OL) $2,850,000

DeAngelo Williams(RB) $2,245,000

Thomas Davis(LB) $2,196,250

Chris Gamble(CB) $1,983,740

Damione Lewis(DT) $1,913,333

John Kasay(K) $1,906,240

Jon Beason(LB) $1,718,740

Landon Johnson(LB) $1,705,000

Tyler Brayton(LB) $1,525,000

Ricardo Colclough(CB) $1,500,000

Geoff Hangartner(OL) $1,423,240

Na'il Diggs(LB) $1,400,000

Jason Baker(K) $1,370,718

Muhsin Muhammad(WR) $1,256,240

D.J. Hackett(WR) $1,217,500

Brad Hoover(RB) $1,030,000

Chris Harris(S) $1,027,000

Keydrick Vincent(OL) $955,000

Evan Mathis(OL) $933,240

Jason Kyle(LB) $916,240

Nick Goings(RB) $902,023

Donte Curry(LB) $795,000

Richard Marshall(CB) $756,240

Travis Taylor(WR) $736,240

Dwayne Jarrett(WR) $726,240 $0 $0 $0

Dante Wesley(CB) $670,000

LaBrandon Toefield(RB) $645,000

James Anderson(LB) $613,640

Ryan Kalil(OL) $608,740

Charles Johnson(DE) $553,740

Frank Omiyale(OL) $526,240

Jeff King(TE) $492,246

Ryne Robinson(WR) $485,816

Toniu Fonoti(OL) $485,000

Terrence Holt(S) $485,000

Milford Brown(OL) $485,000

Stanley McClover(DE) $461,458

Troy Fleming(RB) $451,240

Brandon Jamison(LB) $451,240

Dante Rosario(TE) $418,990

Tim Shaw(LB) $415,965

Dominque Thompson(WR) $390,000

Quinton Teal(S) $377,906

Jason Carter(WR) $376,240

Brett Basanez(QB) $376,240

Matt Moore(QB) $376,240

Nate Salley(S) $376,240

C.J. Wilson(CB) $376,240

Alex Haynes(RB) $376,240

Rhys Lloyd(K) $376,240

Gary Gibson(DT) $376,240

Steve Williams(DT) $370,000

Chris Hannon(WR) $310,000

Rueben Riley(OL) $301,240

Decori Birmingham(RB) $301,240

Josh Davis(WR) $301,240

Totals() $96,689,503

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A few that seem like areas that we can save some $.

Julius Peppers(DE) $14,137,500 - Per year number could go down when we resign him.

Jake Delhomme(QB) $10,956,666 - Could restructure.

Jordan Gross(OL) $7,461,240 - Could go up when we resign him?

Ken Lucas(CB) $5,905,000 - Should restructure...could even get cut.

John Kasay(K) $1,906,240 - Extended...not sure what the per-year hit is now.

Landon Johnson(LB) $1,705,000 - Definitely cut or restructured.

Tyler Brayton(LB) $1,525,000 - Was he a 1 yr deal? Seems high.

Ricardo Colclough(CB) $1,500,000 - Way high...cut/restructure.

Geoff Hangartner(OL) $1,423,240 - Hangman gets his.

Na'il Diggs(LB) $1,400,000

Jason Baker(K) $1,370,718 - New punter next year?

D.J. Hackett(WR) $1,217,500 - Cut/restructure.

Keydrick Vincent(OL) $955,000 - Not sure.

Nick Goings(RB) $902,023 - Cut...replace w/ draft pick.

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yep there will be a whole lot of restructuring going on this offseason

landon johnson is making way too much to be a back-up, especially in this system, he's from a 3-4, we like the chunkier LBs for ST but this is too expensive

lucas has had some bad games, I still want him here because i don't think we could find a better player in the draft or FA, i think we should restructure or resign to something cheaper, he's never been as good as 2005, need to devote money elsewhere

hackett may be gone, he's not getting any touches which can't be that easy to deal with for a guy who had #2 in his sights, and hasn't really shown much either but we may keep him who knows, I'm expecting big things in the playoffs from him though

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One thing that gives me faith, is that I feel like a lot of our players have a "win-first" mentality and we have very few "me-first" type players. Everyone wants to get paid what they deserve but I feel a lot of people would be willing to restructure for the sake of winning / keeping the team together.

Peppers - He wants to be in Carolina and everyone knows what kind of money he deserves and he will get that money. No problem here. I wouldn't be surprised if we lock him up for the rest of his career.

Delhomme - I have a feeling that he would play for some Bojangles as long as he is our starting QB.

This point was already demonstrated with the early signings of Kasay and Gamble. I'm sure Gamble could have gotten at least a slightly better deal if he tested free agency.

Others who would make some sort of sacrifice to stay in Carolina (IMO) - Gross, Beason, Hangman, Goings, Hoover, Muhammed.

I'm not talking about this offseason specifically, but just in general.

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lucas already restructure his contract so did maake in february i say sign to new deal i think we will be in decent shape for next year and could buy a few familiar house names but not big at FA but won't because we'll stick to fox's method of getting guys with chip.

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