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CoCo/Leno/Zucker: Getting serious now!

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Pierre Bernard was/is real, I don't see how his personality can be NBC's IP. They just probably won't be able to use his Recliner of Rage, which they haven't done since the move.

They'll just do Frankenstein wastes 90 seconds of our life, Desk Flying, etc. All they have to do is change it just a bit. But I sorta like the fact he wants to totally start fresh.

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This may be the stupidest thing I've ever read:

O'Brien, if he lands at another late-night show, might be in a tougher spot. Unlike comic personalities Letterman and Jay Leno, O'Brien began his career as a writer on "Saturday Night Live" and "The Simpsons," and his shows relied more heavily on the cleverly scripted bits and outrageous characters.

Losing those assets could hurt O'Brien as he looks for another home, although his "Tonight" had featured fewer of the characters than "Late Night" and the host--who is considered one of the top comedy writers in the business--may be looking for a fresh start. Sources close to him said he was not interested in taking his NBC characters with him.

Um, excuse me, Mr. Article Writer? Since Conan, as you JUST STATED, is a writer, and writers are, by and large, relatively creative people, might it be possible that Conan could delve within parts of his brain and come up with new "cleverly scripted bits" and "outrageous characters"? Or do you think that writers somehow exhaust their capabilities to think things up after four or five creations on their late night talk shows? Might you think there's a reason that he's so willing to part with these characters? Perhaps he even WELCOMES the excuse to think up newer bits and characters.

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Wow... so who's gonna watch it? I think Leno sucks...

NBC is stupid.

Leno plays well to the middle age + white guys. Letterman comes off as a little bit too much of a smart @$$. Though as Letterman has aged, he interviewing skills have gotten better.

Conan comes off as bathroom/potty humor.

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1. Patton Oswalt

Oswalt made his distaste for Leno fairly official on a blistering takedown on Comedy Death-Ray Radio, where he likened the bechinned one to Richard Nixon.

Chances: 100%

2. Norm MacDonald

A longtime Late Night with Conan O’Brien regular, who started on SNL around the same time Conan started broadcasting from 30 Rock. On his final Late Night appearance, he told some incredibly uncomfortable truths about Leno’s decades of outfoxing the kings of late night.

3. Will Ferrell

Ferrell’s ties to Conan go back as far as when the two worked at The Groundlings in the late ’80s, where Lorne Michaels discovered O’Brien and hired him to write for SNL. Ferrell was Conan’s first Tonight Show guest.

4. Jim Gaffigan

A staunch Conan loyalist who used to appear alongside the host in Pale Force, an animated series in which they fought crime with their paleness. Gaffigan tweeted today: “I’m on #teamconan Team Conan Please RT”

5. Amy Poehler

Poehler used to play Stacey Richter - the fictional kid sister of co-host Andy Richter - on Late Night.

6. Jack White

The White Stripes and Conan enjoy a close bond, dating back to when O’Brien met them in a Detroit bowling alley after shooting a remote segment with Ted Nugent in the late 1990s. They performed many times on the show, including a four-night residency in April 2003, a Late Night-set, Michel Gondry-directed video for “The Denial Twist,” and a final broadcast performance of Conan’s favorite tune, “We’re Going to Be Friends.”

7. Pearl Jam

The rockers were Conan’s first Tonight Show musical act. Like Ticketmaster, NBC represents a greedy corporate force, and the band will be an unlikely guest on Leno’s show.

8. Jon Stewart

They may have had a staged feud over who gave Mike Huckabee’s campaign a “bump,” but you can be sure Stewart and Conan’s brainy, East Coast-based allegiance will preclude any future appearances on Leno’s couch.

9. Bruce Springsteen

Max Weinberg’s other Boss would stand by his drummer.

10. William Shatner

The guy who forgot Captain Kirk’s name on Conan’s couch, and recently got ambushed by Sarah Palin while reading excerpts from her biography on air, would almost certainly stick by his ginger man in the rift.

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-- Jay Leno turned serious on his show to discuss the late-night chaos at NBC, telling viewers that he'd been doubtful about launching a prime-time show but was prevented by NBC from going to another network instead.

Leno, in explaining events from his standpoint, also said Monday that he had told NBC he'd return to the "Tonight" slot only after Conan O'Brien rejected the network's plan to put both men on in late night.


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