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Michael Beasley calls out Bobcats

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I kept hearing Martin and Curry on the broadcast talk about how Michael Beasley called out the bobcats, but i never heard what he said...

..so i looked it up on Miami Herald and found this:


``If we stay together and stay focused, it should be an easy win.

``I think if we play our best and stay in it together, it should be no reason we lose.''

At first it didn't seem like much, but it might have been poster board material today in the locker room. FYI, Beasley is 1-8 in the first half with a couple steals and a turnover...for 2 pts. So easy he has resorted to missing, badly.

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it would have been different if he came out and dropped 20 and 10 like he did the other night against the pacers..but he dropped a clunker..3 for 11, 6 pts and 4 rebounds. Toss in a turnover and he probably felt pretty stupid after the game. Ahh..i love it.

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