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Normal Mock Draft

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I'll take the Rams in this one too if no one else wants them

I think the actual team is on eBay right now with a BUY IT NOW price of $8. So I'm pretty sure no one else wants them.

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idk if you'd want me to be in this, but since it is no trading players, just picks, could I be in this? if so i'll take the 49ers

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1. St. Louis (1-15) RedMage138

2. Detroit (2-14)

3. Tampa Bay (3-13)

4. Washington (4-12)

5. Kansas City (4-12) C42[)14C C47

6. Seattle (5-11) n4s720

7. Cleveland (5-11) R0CKnR0LLA

8. Oakland (5-11) firstdayfan

9. Buffalo (6-10)

10. Jacksonville (7-9)

11. Denver (from Chicago 7-9)

12. Miami (7-9)

13. San Francisco (8-8) CrimsonTidePanthers

14. Seattle (from Denver 8-8) n4s720

15. New York Giants (8-8) Kevin Greene

16. Tennessee (8-8)

17. San Francisco (from Carolina 8-8) CrimsonTidePanthers

18. Pittsburgh (9-7)

19. Atlanta (9-7)

20. Houston (9-7)

21. Cincinnati (10-6) Troy17289TD

22. New England (10-6) holderoftruth

23. Green Bay (11-5)

24. Philadelphia (11-5)

25. Baltimore (9-7) Rags

26. Arizona (10-6) Nytrogen

27. Dallas (11-5)

28. San Diego (13-3)

29. New York Jets (9-7) Panthro

30. Minnesota (12-4) GIXXER1000

31. Indianapolis (14-2)

32. New Orleans (13-3)

The list so far... not including me as the Panthers, since I don't have a first rounder...

On that note, would anyone be opposed to us having multiple teams so long as the trading didn't get unrealistic? This way, I can pickup another team and be able to participate in the first round...

I'd also suggest that, since we are only allowing traded picks, we go by the value chart with a 50 point or so deficit (meaning to make a trade up, the team trading up has to sacrifice at least 50 value points in the deal)... Any thoughts on this?

I would also suggest we allow trading of 2011 picks as well (and if we do this next year, I'll keep up with it so that we hold these teams to it...)...

If you all want, I'll kind of take control of this one and setup an html page for it or something... I've run them in the past...

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If we can't drum up enough interest we can do multiple teams, I'd be willing to take a leftover team. I dunno about trading 2011 picks, kinda opens up a whole new can or worms.

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