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Dam it feels good again

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Yep. I said this team would go 12 and 4 back in July and here they are. I think they're good enough to bring the Lombardi home to Charlotte. :cheers2:

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It definitely feels good to be in the playoffs again. Last year, I watched the playoffs, but wasn't really all that interested in them. Having my team still playing makes everything much more interesting.

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what excites me is all that we have seen so far is regular season speed from our team...fox usually gets our team to another level in the playoffs..although I'm not sure how he does it...if this team overachieves like our previous playoff experiences..I smell Super Bowl..

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Every Panther fan should feel good about this team. It amazes me how many people can't seem to do that, but would rather complain and call for people's heads when we just went 3-1 in the hardest part of the schedule and earned the #2 seed in the NFC. Wins are wins...you're not gonna blow everybody out, especially when you have to go on the road and play top 5 offenses in back to back weeks with half of your starting D-line missing.

You can feel as good as anyone about your team and still see the flaws it has, and come to a message board to discuss that.

What's this supposed to be the positively positive rainbow care bear forum? Where nothing but joy and glee is allowed?

Posting opposing opinions doesn't mean you hate the team or want the team to fail.

When teams watch film on themselves they spend more time on their errors than what they did right. You already know what it looks like when it works. Just like on here, you already know all the good stuff about your team, all of us do.

Why spend all your time on that? It's more interesting to me to talk(or read) about how the team can get better and the other things that don't include merely "oh were 12-4 were 12-4".

I don't just come to a message board to post how satisfied I am with the team, there is enough people for that. Some people take a different angle, nothing wrong with that.

So stop kidding yourself about being *one of the select few people who actually love the panthers, and gloriously feel so good about them your the only possible person with this feeling.

It's pretty funny to me that around here so many people put themselves on this magical panther fan pedestal.

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