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Official Wild Card Weekend Predictions Thread....

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Matty Ice melts against the Cards with a couple of picks. Cards win by two scores.

Iggles win in Minnesota by a field goal. Andy Reid eats an innocent bystander.

Colts defeat the Chargers in a revenge matchup.

Dolphins beat the Ravens, a playoff win in Miami? Weird.

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The annual "I feel bad for the Chargers losing a playoff game again for 5 minutes before moving on" train is barreling down the tracks as we type.

It is good to know that Ed Hockuli did not ruin their season at least...

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Cards over the Falcons - High scoring game but I give the win to the team with a former MVP and the quarterback with a SB ring.

Eagles over the Vikings - If the Eagles were more consistant they might very well have been the best team in the NFC. They stay consistant this week and beat the Vikings.

Colts over the Chargers - Yeah, the Chargers have had the Colts number the last couple of times they played. But right now the Colts are just the better team.

Ravens over the Dolphines - This isn't going to be a game won by the quarterbacks. The Raven's defense will be the difference in this game.

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Yep all home teams.

I'm this close to picking all the road teams. I think the AFC road teams win, and that the Eagles win, but am undecided on the Falcons/Cards game.

EDIT: Screw it, one of the home teams has to win. I'm going with the Cardinals.

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Cardinals - they have something to prove this week, and I think they will put together a game reminiscent of their play earlier in the season. Unfortunately, it will only last one week, so depending on the Eagles-Vikings game, either Carolina or NY will get a pretty easy win over the Cardinals next week.

Eagles - they blitz. Jackson can't handle the blitz. Either Peterson breaks through the line for some big gains, or the Vikings get handled fairly easily.

Ravens - they are better than the Dolphins. They beat them easily in Miami in Week 7, and will do so again.

Colts - I expected the Colts hype to end this week, because no one expects it, but the Chargers' Gates is now injured along with Tomlinson not being at 100%. I don't know if they can overcome that.

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