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Official Wild Card Weekend Predictions Thread....

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John Fox    6

SI's Peter King says...


Falcons, Eagles, Colts, Ravens... but then goes on to pick Giants, Falcons, Ravens, Steelers for the Championship games (with Giants beating Ravens in Super Bowl). King was the only one of the 10 people picking that picked against Carolina.

4 of the 10 SI writers picked the Panthers to win the NFC championship, with those four splitting as to whether the Panthers will beat the Titans or not in the Super Bowl.

Last year everyone was picking on the Pats to win the Super Bowl. Don't listen to the 'experts', they know just as much as YOU do.

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o.k..write this down cause u'll remember I said it

Cardinals will beat the Falcons

Vikings will beat the Eagles w/ overrated McNabb

Chargers lose 2 the Colts

Ravens beat Miami

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Achilles    125

Wild Card

4 Cardinals over 5 Falcons, FG in OT 34-31

6 Ravens over 3 Dolphins 23-13

6 Eagles over 3 Vikings 26-21

5 Indy over 4 San Diego 31-24


4 Cardinals at 2 Panthers

6 Eagles at 1 Giants

6 Ravens at 1 Titans

5 Colts at 2 Steelers

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