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the butch

When will they finally give this Cowboys BS a rest?

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the butch    3,231

I know you have to report the hot news, and stick to the big teams. But from tv coverage, power rankings, news paper headings they have to seriously be questioned. I believe it was a Fox power ranking that said they're starting to play good football. Listed them at 4/5 or so. When does all this end? They're on the verge of not making the playoffs (of Redskin win would help that tonight) and Romo just threw three picks.

Give this team a rest...there's NO reason for them to be talked about now. I guess it goes along with the whole "This teams 9-3 is better than your team's 9-3" stigma the national media has. Unreal.

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BIGH2001    1,447

At halftime of the Redskins-Ravens game, Keith Olbermann was doing the highlights of the Cowboys-Steelers game. When he got to the pick 6 thrown by Homo, he called it the "game losing touchdown." Of course, these douchebags would call it that because it meant the Cowboys lost and not that the Steelers won. It's all about the Cowboys all the time.

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megadeth078    892

the touchdown came on the offense's mistake. If I were up there talking, it would be natural for me to call it a game losing touchdown. Either way, you're looking way too much into it.

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