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Matty Ice???

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Bronco, always hiding on the board waiting to jump on someone else's thread. To bad you can't come up with your own material.

I know I'm new to this board but is there a reason aint's fans are still here. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't your season end about a month ago. Shouldn't you be off counting Drew Brees's stats or talking about the draft. How about going away and not coming back until next season when you have a chance at being mediocre once again.

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Maybe not the gayest name....but defintely the gayest poster.

His team sucked ass this season....well last season too. And he thinks he is appreciated and welcome here. Get a clue 70Saints....Go The f*ck Home. You and your team are irrelevant.


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What an awful nickname, I bet he gave it to himself. He seems like the kind of douche that would

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Mad Hatter.... now there is someone we can take seriously. Good thing you don't matter at all on here or anywhere else, only in your cartoon mind.

My God boy, are you really that dumb. I can't determine whether your mother dropped you on your head as a baby. My bet is it is just poor genetics from that inbred family of yours.

Your team is sh*tty and irrelevant...your smack is are hated by everyone on here. Yet, you keep coming back like that poor little kid down the street that has no friends to play with. You would rather have the sh*t kicked out of you by people that don't like you than sit at home in your mother's basement alone.

Please get a are an irrelevant, trivial little ant. Nothing more than a minor annoyance....much like your beloved Saints on Sunday afternoons.

Leave the playoffs to the Big Dogs and slink back into the bayou....I hear your sister is ready for another shagging...and your dad is just too tired to give her any more.

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