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Jake Delhomme has no hard feelings for Carolina Panthers

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Posted 06 March 2010 - 05:14 PM

not everything is about money... Some players actually do want to play their hearts out.. Sure, getting paid is awesome but Jake had every right to get upset, he was with the team for 7 seasons

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Posted 06 March 2010 - 07:46 PM

(By Charles Chandler and Darin Gantt, cchandler@charlotteobserver.com and dgantt@heraldonline.com) SmokeScreen looked down at the desk in front of him, covering his face with one hand and holding a tissue with the other to wipe the tears from his eyes.p/He said repeatedly his emotions were rooted in joy, not sorrow about the release of CAR QB Jake Delhomme.

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Posted 06 March 2010 - 08:48 PM

I dont think there's ever been a more selfish and money hungry player to ever play for the Panthers than Jake Delhomme.

Exactly how was Jake money hungry when Hurney offer him the extension last year? Jake never demanded a big contract. In fact, how come you never call out Pep? He & his agent were money hungry than Jake. Fact. But then Jake isn't black & Pep is, so there go another of your racist comment you tend to mention a lot.

"I felt blindsided" KISS MY ASS! We felt blindsided by your sh*tty play Jake, we felt blindsided by you and your agent taking Mr.Richardson to the woodshed in the offseason last year after you had your WORST GAME EVER.

Actually, he was blindsided, 'cause he wasn't expecting them to release him. And since when did he & his agent took JR to the woodshed?

If Jake Delhomme really cared about this team he would've taken a paycut to stay here or given some of those $$$ he stole back.

He never stole the money, kid. Hurney offer him the money, so he didn't steal the money. Do you even know what stealing is?? And he was willing to take a paycut to be a backup, but they deny it. Get your fact straight.

But no, we get Jake crying at press conferences wiping his tears with 100 dollar bills.

Do you have proof he wiped his tears with a $100 dollar bills? For a guy who make big deal about Jake crying, you sure as hell crying like a baby.

GTFOH! Its all about the money with #17.

LMAO!! Now you're just being stupid & a liar. How come you never bash Pep, when he was more about the money than Jake? Maybe because Jake is white & Pep is black. Again, you're always acting like the white men are bad & black are good. Give me a break, Kingy. Again, you're always a liar & always will be.

I'm glad we have Matt Moore who's alot more humble and less arrogant than Delhomme.

You don't know anything about humble, because if your lies were true Smitty & others wouldn't respect him. Jake always been a humble human being & never blame his teammates. And you know it, but you just ignore it & make up lies like you always do. Arrogant my ass, racist.

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Posted 06 March 2010 - 11:38 PM

For all Jake has done for this team over the years I'm glad he got paid the 12 mil and I hope his new team pays him a few more mil....Jake is what every team wants in a NFL player. The 03-06 years he got paid but not much and so at the end of career here he gets the big payday....

Good for him he deserves it more then Peppers.