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Samuel L. Jackson

This is how I think teams will finish...

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Ehh, I think the Broncos are the only NFL team that we have never beaten, I think we lose a stupid one to them.



we have 3 losses already..

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2jakefansinva    1,820

Looking at each teams schedule, I think it could very easily work out like this:

CAR (13-3)

NYG (13-3)

ARI (10-6)

MIN (8-8)

ATL (11-5)

TB (11-5)

PHI (10-5-1)

NO (9-7)

WAS (9-7)

DAL (8-8)

CHI (8-8)

That would have me predicting us playing Minnesota in Charlotte for our first playoff game (since I think the Bucs would lose in Arizona, and the Falcons in Minnesota.. both would be great games though)... The Giants would then play Arizona in NY, and probably win...

I think we could top Minnesota, especially at BOA... That would put us against the Giants for the NFCCG, in Charlotte.. I've said all year that I'm not afraid of Eli and the Giants, and them not having Plax is icing on the cake.. I think we'd be bound for Tampa for the SB...

To be honest, nobody in the NFC really scares me at this point, aside from TB, NO, and possibly Dallas, Atlanta, or Philly should we have to play any of those last 3 in the playoffs...

TB is the most versatile on offense and defense as a whole, with NO being close behind them.. Dallas can self implode at any moment, as evidenced today.. Philly is beatable if you take away Westbrook and make McNabb beat you with his arm (and their WR don't scare me at all, at least as WRs).. Atlanta is scary if they can run on you, which they did to us easily last game...

We need to focus on each game though.. Don't get me wrong.. These are meaningless predictions based on how teams are playing now versus their potential versus who they play...

Being completely honest and logical, our defense needs to buck up, and our offense needs to continue improving... If we can do both of those things, there isn't a team remaining for us that we cannot outmatch and outplay!

You do know if it ends the way you say the NFL will be pissed. The last thing they want is the NFCS being the strong division. They will say the reason for the Panthers success is the down year for the NFCE and it's just a fluke. Nothing would make me happier than having one playoff team from the NFCEast, the talking heads wouldn't know what to do. :D

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dksmith17    90

Think about the teams above and all the issues at health at RB.

Portis, Barber, B Jacobs, Graham, Bush, Westbrook is ailing although very effective, and even Dunn.

It seems the only healthy RBs right now come from Min, Atl, Car. Call me crazy but this is important down the stretch (ie. 2005). Just somehting to think about, I'm giving these 3 a slight edge right now to do something in the postseason because of this.


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