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CoD: MW2 Map packs coming!!!

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DirtyMagic97    1,698

I guess the game only has vehicles because it attracts different types of players. I guess it also has larger maps because different players play it. I guess gravity plays a role in the game because players play differently.

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Acewalker    52

Guns are less effective in BC, gameplay is slower paced, maps are more open in BC rather than the close quartered maps in MW2 (other than Wasteland). Destructible buildings, vehicles, more teamwork involved (ie medics and ammo distributing, as well as tactics), more customization offered in MW2, thus more types of opponents you will encounter, and different types of game modes to play in. I think these two games can be very different in gameplay at times.

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hmsmike    48

The overall setting of the game has nothing to do with gameplay. MW2's gameplay is much more fast paced, involves speedy reflexes, and is more focused on individual efforts so you can have fun while not always playing with a team.

BFBC2 is team oriented, slower paced, and includes vehicles. A far more tactical approach to the FPS games than "speedball" MW2. It's hard to even come close to winning when your team isn't playing as a team.

^^^ This :yesnod:

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