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Field Position, folks...

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FP was a real contributing factor to the Chargers win against Indianapolis. When the Chargers O could not get the first down they pinned Indy in the shadow of their own endzone constantly. I don't care if you're Peyton Manning, you can't engineer 90-yard drive after 90-yard drive to hit paydirt 100% of the time. Not only that, when you keep pinning the other guy that far back, when they go 3 and out, they can't drop the punter back far enough to get the hell out of dodge while he's kicking the ball, and so you're either going to a) block the punt, or B) return it at around midfield and your offense will probably start in the opponent's territory.

A real turning point in the Giants/Carolina game a few weeks ago was that punt that got tipped away from the endzone and out at the 2. The Panthers O, which had just drove down the field in the possession prior, probably could've scored once again and put the game out of reach for NY. Instead, they are handcuffed and can't call sh1t but running plays that the defense knows is going to be called. (IIRC that drive went 3 and out)

Jason Baker, Rhys Lloyd, Mark Jones. These are 3 guys that help us get favorable field position. Return yardage in general is up, kickoff touchbacks are up, Baker's punting average is as good as it always has been. For people who say ST's doesn't matter, well it does. 2006 and 2007 special team units were god awful and look how far those teams went. This year ST's has improved dramatically and it really helps.

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Absolutely agree, field position will be key. And unlike some, give me Kasay anywhere within 50 for a game winning field goal.

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Well if Baker booms 60+ yd punts like the Chargers' guy did...I'm all in for sunny smiling positivity. If not, no telling how much sweating, nail biting, and cursing I'll be doing...and I'll be AT the game. Crap, I don't think I could watch this one at home.

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