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mario's 7 rounds Panthers Mock Draft (no trades)

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This would be my dream mock draft. If the Panthers picks some of this guys i'll be happy whatsoever they turned into in the future. No trades cause i'm on the BPA bandwagon and we've some needs (not only one) that we could fill with great talent with the pick #48.



2nd round | pick #48 | Lamarr Houston | DT | Texas

Somebody could disagree with me but i think our DE rotation is good enough and we need a UT more than a DE. Louis Leonard is capable to play the run stopper role but i have some questions about Tank Tyler (who i think he should be the backup behind Leonard). No way Ed Johnson or Corvey Irvin will be starters in the Dline.

About Lamarr Houston, i'm on his bandwagon for some time. He really dominates in all games i watched him during his senior season specially in the NC game against our OL (remember, the same OL who allowed Mark Imgram to turn into the first Alabama Heisman winner). Also i consider he has huge upside cause he was recuited as a DE and switch to DT after his sophomore season. Has a nice first step and a great variety of moves to create interior pass rush (something that we're looking for some time). On the other hand if he doesn't gain advantage in his first step is a non-factor in that play cause he isn't very good shaking blocks (has the strenght but no the technique -> coachable). I've him as a 1st round talent (pick #31 to the Colts).

Note: It seems that Brian Price is in a free fall. It would be awesome if he's avalaible at pick #48 but Houston is a huge consolation prize IMHO.


3rd round | pick #78 | Carlton Mitchell | WR | South Florida

Althought i'm pretty sure LaFell will be our pick with the 2nd round selection i'll go with a weird prospect. Mitchell has a nice size-speed combination (6´3 215 - 4.40 in his Pro Day) with some moves after the catch. Sometimes he drops easy catchs (concentration problem more than bad hands problem, moreover he has good hands). To me is a risky choice (one year wonder, physical freak playing receiver) but in the last couple of years we've taken some risks so...


4th round | pick #112 | Rennie Curran | OLB | Georgia

A tackle machine in the 4th round. It was a pleasure to wach him playing at a high level surrounded with poor talent. He is fast enough to makes plays in all the field zones (i love this thing!). Althought he is a WLB i think he has enough coverage skills to fight with Dan Connor and James Anderson (yeah i'm not very confident on this guys for the starting spot) for the SLB spot. At least he could be a great backup and a nice special teamer.


6th round | pick #175 | Lindsey Witten | DE | Connecticut

The guy less time i've seen (vs North Carolina and vs West Virginia). It's fair to say that maybe i have been blinded by that game against the Tar Heels where he had a huge game and show me he has some athleticism. Also both games show me he has some trobles to shake blocks and despite he had 3 sacks against NC (if i remember correctly) i have some questions about his off-the-line speed.


6th round | pick #202 (comp.) | Kyle Williams | WR | Arizona State

Don't you want a potential burner for the offense and the special teams? Here it is. I really like this player for some time. With the 4.3 in his Pro Day he's gaining some momentum but he's still a 6th/7th round flyer. He has all the skills to be a vertical weapon in the NFL: Speed, nice (but small) hands, an outstanding ability to adjust himself to the throw and nice body control. It may seems that he hasn't enough body to be a factor blocking in the running game but i've seen some efforts by him (but he isn't as good as LaFell or Bey Bey in this point)


6th round | pick #204 (comp.) | Crezdon Butler | CB | Clemson

A big corner in the late rounds. I hope he ends as sucessful as Captain Munnerlyn. If he turned into a steal like the other South Carolina prospect we could have a great group of DB to face the Saints offense twice a year. Crezdon had a great career's start but hasn't lived to the expectations in his senior year. However i like his game against Georgia Tech in the ACC CG, he was burned by Demaryus Thomas once, but is understandable considering the difficulty for a CB to cover a WR '1 on 1' all the game. I'll take a look at him in the rivalry game against South Carolina and against Kentucky in the Music City Bowl that could change my mind about this pick.


7th round | pick #223 | Levi Brown | QB | Troy

It seems tha Panthers will get a QB during the draft process and Levi Brown is my sleeper at the position. He has a powerful arm capable to do all the required throws, has a weird release (it reminds me a bit of Colt Brennan) but extremely quick, in any case he should raise a bit the throwing point. He has the ability to improvise in broken plays but sometimes he holds onto the ball too long cause this ability. He takes good decissions and doesn't make stupid mistakes. So overall we have: Great arm + few mistakes = Perfect Panthers QB.


7th round | pick #249 (comp.) | Drew Devis | OT | Alabama

With our final pick i'll go with OL depth and i'll go with a member of the Alabama OL. I've seen all his games as a starter and i can say that he is as perfect for the Panthers as he was for Alabama: A mammoth that excels in the running game and struggles in pass-blocking situations (i can remember the VT game where Jason Worilds had to move to the LDE to generate pass rush against Drew Davis). So he is 'only' a player that could develop into a quality RT backup.

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Sounds reasonable. I like Lamarr Houston quite a bit, him and Alualu are my DT targets in the 2nd. Not high on Mitchell, but then again who know what wideouts are left at that point. Good job.

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More comments? Isn't something that keeps me from sleeping but i'm a bit tired of seeing that all mocks out there have a great amount of comments almost mine :rolleyes: It could be that mine is the best Panthers mock and there aren't any complaints :D but anyway...

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LOVE Kyle Williams in the sixth, kid is going to be a star in the NFL within a few years I think. He can absolutely FLY....

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Mario, Just so you have more comments. I love your Rd 2, 3, & 4 picks. The Rd 2 & 3 have been my picks for us exactly as well. Curran is a great pick for the 4th & Devis is also a great pick. Funny I can't place the CB, Butler, from Clemson. I will have to look for some 'tape' on him & other picks are from conferences that I do not watch much, so I will have to look into those a little before commenting.

Nice job!

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