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Rank the Panthers Top 3 Needs

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Returner, we have Sutton and Munnerlyn if we have to have them, and we can pickup someone like Brandon Banks really really late in the draft... It isn't a need...

Get Jason Campbell somehow and the QB need disappears... If we don't, I agree that by my formula, QB is technically the 2nd overall need...

Jarrett will do just fine, in my opinion... He and Moore have worked together longer than Moore and Smitty... But WR is the third biggest need, as we need another smaller/speedy guy to play the slot (unless we want to feature two speedy guys on the outside and put our possession WR (Jarrett) in the slot)... Everyone keeps forgetting Kenny Moore too, and he'll be a solid #4...

DT is nowhere near the need that LB, QB, or WR are... We have two guys we traded draft picks for (Leonard and Tyler), a guy we spent a relatively high draft pick on last year (Irvin), and someone who filled the role more adequately than James Anderson or Dan Connor filled the LB roles (Hayden)...not even mentioning Ed Johnson, who could very well surprise some of you in his rotational role... We have a logjam at DT with no standout star... Sure, we'll draft one pretty early, but I wouldn't consider it in our 3 biggest needs...

Why don't we just convert Hayden into a LB? From what I saw of him last year, he seems to like to play back about 5 yrds off the ball.

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I voted for WR, DT and LB.

I don't need to say anything about our LB's, I think SLJ covered that pretty well. It's actually quite likely that we'll go with an OLB with our first pick too, possibly trading up to grab one. Fox and co. like picking safe positions early, LB's are probably the safest of them all.

Our needs at WR are magnified by our QB situation imo. I don't think we should take a QB early because it would have to be one heck of a prospect for that risk, and even if it is a good pick, it would bring more drama to the table with Moore. I like Moore, I think he should at least be given a chance this year, therefore I think it's only fair to give him the right supporting cast. You also cannot overlook the fact that Smitty is our only real option at WR right now and he's getting old.

DT is a position that I'm very sceptical about right now. I still can't believe how you guys are justifying that it's not a need position. Yes we have guys there, but the problem is, all those guys suck balls -.- . I rather have 2 quality starters than 5 backup quality players at any given position. DT is also a very important position in the NFL. I don't think I need to tell anyone here that it all starts in the trenches. I'm sorry, I want to be above average in our positions, especially if it's one of the most important ones in football.

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If you think about DT like this:

Last season, we got away (and had an improved defense) with starting our second and fifth or sixth stringers most of the year...

It doesn't sound so depressing...

Tyler, Leonard, Johnson, and Irvin ALL have the potential to be better than Damione Lewis and Hollis Thomas...

That said, I agree that we'll likely draft one early on, but that is because of who will be on the board, and not because of our needs...

I could easily see us taking Alualu or Cody in the second, but that is because (if we stay put) our options at WR, LB, and QB will all be reaches at #48...

Meeks' defense requires a pass rushing end (Brown) a hybrid end (Brayton or Johnson), DT's that can be stout and plug the middle gaps (Tyler, Leonard and even Hayden all showed they could do this last year), LBs that can cover as good as they can zone in on the run (Davis and Beason are more than capable, and in fact are awesome... Still not sold on Anderson or Connor on the outside), CBs that can man up one on one, or are fast enough/aware enough to stay in a zone, and safeties that can play the middle of the field/play the run...

I'm thinking Corvey Irvin is gonna be a pleasant surprise to most of you...

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If you keep saying Hayden was a quality DT I will ban you.

I will not allow malicious lies to be spread. :)

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Ugh this 'potential' talk is a bit of a slippery slope. I have the potential to be the next Einstein, doesn't even mean it's likely. You can make the same argument for a rookie, but that's true for all rookies really. I've at least seen what this group of DT's can handle, and I'm unimpressed.

Not sure I agree witht he scheme stuff either. If you look at how the Colts ran the cover 2 when Meeks was there, I don't think I've ever seen a big NT type DT on the top of their roster. The cover 2 / tampa 2 system often leaves their LB's to cover rather than to blitz. Therefore, a lot of that pressure has to come from the front 4 itself. Think about the Bears when they had Thommy Harris at his prime, it was the same there with the 'new monsters of midway'. Even if you don't think so scheme specific, it is just blatantly obvious to me that we need a better pass rush, whether it is from our DE's or our DT's.

Just because our defence held up, it doesn't mean it's not a need, nor does it mean that we can go to a superbowl and win with it (I'm assuming you guys still want the team to aim high). I know for a fact that it could be much, much better with the addition of a good DT.

Don't get me wrong though SLJ, I agree with you that LB is a major need, and given this FO's history, I actually think it's the most likely position we'll address with our first pick. This thread isn't about who I expect them to pick though, simply our biggest positions of need. With that in mind, I just can't see how DT would not be in the top 3.

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I think we can get a WR like Carlton from USF later on. He is a big,fast,strong reciever. I am concerned about DT. We lost a lot in the trenches. ST you can find good players in free agency.

QB we can get later rounds also.

But I might be bias on this being from NJ but I still think Jarret has potential. If he does not show up this year i am giving up on him. Thats why i think we can wait on a reciever.

Bill Cowher 2011????? anyone?!!?!?!?

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You left off C btw, which I feel is a depth need for us.

In order: WR, WR, WR (j/k)... WR/DT/C. We don't really have anybody behind Kalil, Bernie can handle, but I'd rather him stay at G and us draft a C that's played the position well in college.

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