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    • Title: Who's in my mouth.
      What you'll need: Blindfold. Multiple male participants.  
    • I just read this article!  I then found the profile and some highlights of his HS teammate, Joe Yearby since they were both so highly recruited.  Joe might be an interesting UDFA pick up.  I made a post in the draft section since it's a very niche kind of post. As far as the article and Cook, I love these things.  Getting some insight into these young men and what makes them tick.  But here's my main character concern about Cook: he got all the lessons and sermonizing from HS and College coaches, YET he was still putting himself into several BAD situations.  The animal thing really gets me.  And we don't have a shortage of dudes hitting girls in this draft or the NFL... On the field, he's fumbled too much.  He does have that great, explosive first step, but he's not the athlete you really want.  Good football player?  Probably, but his character and lack of athleticism (generally) is going to knock him down.  He could end up being one of those 2nd round guys who comes out and had a great career (so long as he really has turned the personal corner) making all the "re-drafts" pick him much earlier. Or in the article, the Eagles wondered if he would make it to their 14th pick.  Could be that we really know jack and squat about how NFL decision makers actually make those decisions.  There was a great article on about that too.