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Why so many teams are switching to the 3-4 and what it means for the Panthers

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The jealousy is rampant!

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$BDI building a nice base or Bear Flag in your opinion?

Haven't looked in a couple of days. Trying to reconcile oil, % rates abroad and demand here to figure it out.

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People save yourself sometime and just focus on the things I post. Whether it be here, Tinderbox, Lounge or Nerdvana.

I'm here for the people. Now go outside and get a tan and sweat.

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Is that the 3-4 thing I keep hearing about? I don't get it.

EDIT: I like the tags for this thread.

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When Fiz grows up he wants to be at least half as knowledgeable as P55, although until then he'll always act like he knows twice as much. :)

p55 i took you off ignore because I thought you had posted something worthwhile. That's the last time I take cyberjag's obese ass seriously.

Since I know you didn't read it, and you sure seem willing to write (copy and paste) a lot, I will condense my argument into a simple form for you to respond to. Remember, if you want to argue with me, you need to address the specific points that I'm making.

3-4 defenses are spreading in the league.

This is due in part to two things

1. The rise in 3-4 ready talent from college ranks, due to defenses countering spread offenses, and people naturally becoming more athletic and making them possible.

2. With the few exceptions of brilliant 4-3 D coordinators, it allows the defense more creativity and more possibilities to blitz, hopefully negating the advantage created by QB friendly rule changes.

For the Panthers, this means that there will be more 4-3 talent available as teams move towards 3-4s (or 3-1-3 in the case of arizona etc), much like Ted Washington in the 90s. Certainly today no one as good as him would make his way to 7 teams.

He still knows more than you do. But don't feel bad, he knows more than I do too. :)

BTW, I think one of the reasons that more teams are going to the 3-4 is simply to sell tickets. It's a copycat league, after all. And if you announce you're going to a 3-4, gullible fans are all ready to believe that the defense is suddenly going to be the second coming of the steel curtain (which was a cover-2, BTW). The reality is that if you suck, you suck. Just ask the Chiefs, who rode the 3-4 to the 30th best defensive ranking in the league last year.

Frankly, I don't think it matters a hell of a lot whether you run a 4-3 or a 3-4 or a 96. If you have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball, you're going to get good results. If you don't, then you can scheme all day long and you'll still look like crap. And last year, the top five defenses against the run were Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Baltimore, and Minnesota. Only the Vikes ran a 4-3. Tell me, is that because they ran a 3-4 or because they had great personnel?

But Fiz, you nailed it when you said that it benefits the Panthers. Cover-2 Defensive Ends are hard enough to find, and with more teams going to the 3-4 they're easier to get hold of now. And in a cover-2 your cornerbacks need to be physical and rangy; you don't need the man-to-man specialists that the 3-4 requires. So that's two positions that are hard to fill, but easier to fill for the Panthers because there are so many idiot "flavor of the month" DCs out there.

I'm happy that Fox has stayed with the cover-2. The 3-4 is exciting, but it's more vulnerable to the big play and I think that a good team finds it easier to score on one. With the cover-2, the zone gets tighter the closer to the end zone you get, and that means that while you can move the ball between the 20s, the defense tends to improve a LOT where it counts (another point you made). If I had to choose between the two schemes, the Cover-2 would be the pick any day.

BTW, I'm not obese. I'm pleasingly plump, dammit!

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