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I'm pretty sure I'm about to get blasted, but here is what I would do.


#1 Wide Reciever -- I think everyone agrees we need help here. On the other hand, we don't exactly need a #1. We need a compliment to Smith, but with perks (ie. maybe some speed for post routes and kick returns).

#2 Defensive Tackle -- Teams ran all over us last year. We had alot of injuries in the mix here. We lost 3 players in FA, and picked up Ed Johnson. We could use more bodies this year to rest. Would I love a superstar here? Yep, but it isn't going to happen with a second round pick. We will need to settle for someone who can fill in and rest what we have here. :(

#3 Ouarterback -- I don't have the faith everyone else on the boards seems to have in Matt Moore. Regardless, he is our guy for the year, and I don't see that changing. A second round pick won't get us a first year starting QB, but it could get us a future starter.

#4 Defensive End -- We knew this was coming, and I think we are ready for it. Nothing we got will replace Peppers, but we do have options here. If we get more DT support Brayton and Brown can manage here(possibly with Johnson doing Braytons 3rd downs)

#5 Return Specialist -- see #1 :)

Our Second Round pick

WR -- If we get really lucky, and Golden Tate is still here, thats our pick. This is not likely. On the other hand, the WR class this year is huge. We can get a good reciever here or 3rd round. If Tate is gone, we either trade down, or get a WR 3rd round. No way I would spend a 2nd round pick on a future #2 or #3 receiver/return guy.

DT -- Again if we get lucky, and Brian Price is still there, he is the guy. Will he still be there? ah, no. Do we really pick Lamarr Houston, Corey Peters, or Al Woods with the 2nd pick? Nope, trade down or don't pick a DT here

QB -- Now I really get slammed here. :) #1 WR's and DT's gone by our 1st pick. #2 or slot recievers surely available in the 3rd round. No DT of 2nd round value any where in sight. We pick a QB.

Colt McCoy -- first year starter? nope. second year? probably not. He might surprise the world, but mostly likely he is headed for solid backup land for life. If we went for him, mostly likely we would have to trade up. I don't see us doing that for someone that has future backup stamped on him.

The Golden Calf of Bristol --This guy has everyone confused. He had terrible no-pro mechanics all through college, yet surprisingly changed his mechanics completely for his recent showing. No one seems to know what he will be able to do. Best case, we get a future starting QB with improved mechanics over the next year or two. Worst case we get a starting FB with a great work ethic. :)

Our best choice choice with our 1st pick? The Golden Calf of Bristol(yikes, dont shoot me)

3rd round pick:

I think the following guys make quality WR picks, and some will be available in the 3rd, but how far in the 3rd I don't know:

Dexter McCluster, Eric Decker, Brandon LaFell , Taylor Price , Emmanuel Sanders, Andre Roberts , Jordan Shipley , Mardy Gilyard

We need one of these guys in the 3rd.

For DT, I don't know we might pull some trade strings to get another pick in the 3rd and grab D'Anthony Smith, Al Woods or Corey Peters. On the other hand, we might just be out of luck at DT. :(

To Recap:

QB,WR,DT first three picks in that order. Not because that is the order of our need, but because of the talent available.

I hate it, but I feel this route can give us a future starting QB or FB, and WR. I think other routes only give us future starters at one position.

Blast away.

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