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We did what I knew we'd do all along...

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We stayed away from DT. I knew that all the money/picks that we put into getting guys to fill holes last year would keep us away from DTs in the draft. IMO it was a great move not to go that route. Nobody that we could have gotten in this draft would have been better than Tank, Leonard, Irvin, or Hayden. On the other hand, I'm sure there are some FA run stuffers out there, which is hopefully the route we go.

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I actually think our DTs will hold up pretty well against the run. In regards to pressing the pocket, not so sure.

We have a few guys with some experience: Leonard, Tyler, Hayden, Johnson, Landri, & Irvin. Then we signed a UFA Neblett.

I'd like to see attention to penetrators & DEs. We are sitting ok though, IMO.

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