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King Taharqa

NBA Playoffs Rd 2: Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks

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(2) Orlando Magic (58-23)



PG #14 Jameer Nelson

6'0 190 lbs

St. Joseph's '04

12.4 PPG 5.4 APG 84.8 FT% 37.7 3PT%


SG #15 Vince Carter

6'6 220 lbs

North Carolina '98

16.5 PPG 3.2 APG 36.3 3PT% 83.3 FT% 3.9 RPG


SF #22 Matt Barnes

6'7 226 lbs

UCLA '02

8.7 PPG 5.4 RPG 1.6 APG 48.6 FG% 32.7 3PT%


PF #9 Rashard Lewis

6'10 230 lbs

Alief Elsik HS '98

14.1 PPG 4.4 RPG 39.8 3PT% 80.5 FT


C #12 Dwight Howard

6'11 265 lbs

SW Atlanta Christian Academy '04

18.5 PPG 13.2 RPG 2.8 BPG 61.0 FG%


PG-Jason "White Chocolate" Williams

SG-JJ Redick

SF-Mickael Pietrus

PF-Brandon Bass

C-Marcin Gortat



Stan Van Gundy

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(3) Atlanta Hawks (53-29)



PG #10 Mike Bibby

6'2 195 lbs

Arizona '98

9.1 PPG 3.9 APG 85.7 FT% 38.8 3PT%


SG #2 Joe Johnson

6'7 240 lbs

Arkansas '01

21.2 PPG 4.9 APG 4.6 RPG 45.6 FG% 81.9 FT% 36.3 3PT%


SF #24 Marvin Williams

6'9 240 lbs

North Carolina '05

10.0 PPG 5.2 RPG 81.5 FT%


PF #5 Josh "J-Smoove" Smith

6'9 240 lbs

Oak Hill Academy '04 (Mouth Of Wilson, VA)

15.7 PPG 8.7 RPG 4.3 APG 2.1 BPG 1.6 SPG 50.5 FG%


C #15 Al Horford

6'10 245 lbs

Florida '08

14.2 PPG 9.8 RPG 2.3 APG 1.1 BPG 55.2 FG%


PG-Jeff Teague

SG-Jamal Crawford

SF-Maurice Evans

PF-Joe Smith

C-Zaza Pachulia



Mike Woodson


Orlando Magic own Hawks. I see this one going 5 games. Dwight Howard is from Atlanta, he doesnt fear the Hawks and will dominate the much smaller Horford.

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I'll go Magic with the sweep.

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Hawks in 7..... If Dwight continues the way he's been playing (Hasn't shown me he will play differently) He will be in foul trouble and the hawks will abuse them down low. I think Howard will be in foul trouble at-least four games, and they will lose those games. Also in a close game Howards FT shooting will be a liability down the stretch. Cry babies go home.

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    • I believe I need to address something that a lot of us don't get on this forum.  The past is the past. People come and go. There have been good times, and bad. Everything changes at some point. However, as we embark this offseason, I challenge everyone to say goodbye. What has happened in the past is now the past. Nothing we do changes that. Many here are stuck in this mode that we're in 2016. Some even go as far as saying we're back tracking to 2015. We can relish those memories and scorn the bad, but the fact is this is 2017. We are not the 2015 Panthers, the 2016 Panthers, or the 2011 Panthers. We are entering a new stage in Panthers history. 2017 will be nothing like any team of years past. Coaches and players alike will learn from past mistakes and attempt to fix it. New guys will come in and add new wrinkles to our game. New fans will come in to add their flair. I challenge everyone to not fallback into the past. Don't hold on to things that will never change. Look to the future. Say goodbye.  Fall Forward.  
    • I will stop being a Hornets fan until MJ and Cho are gone if this happens
    • I am new to huddle, but have enjoyed many of your posts. Sorry to hear about your brother.

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