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Jimmy Swagger Article: Jimmy's History.

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The Hummer, the Hall of Fame, the rings, the medallion … the gall of him, reporters write. Jimmy is blistered from coast to coast, but the critics know nothing. Jimmy had actually told Weis he wanted to offer his commitment in South Bend on Junior Day, surrounded by all those other high school All-Americas. He figured he could start a domino effect. But where would the press conference be? It's against NCAA rules to announce on campus. The family liked the idea of the nearby Hall of Fame, never expecting a backlash. Casey and Rick flew in to surprise Jimmy and were joined by their sister, Katie, two of Jimmy's teammates, three of his teammates' parents, Jimmy's uncle, and Casey's agent, Gary Wichard, a family friend. Add a TV crew from ESPN, and that made 16 people. They almost rented a squadron of cars, but Jimmy's mom, Cathy, wanted everyone together, so they splurged for the Hummer. Certainly Jim can afford it. He runs a commercial insurance company and dabbles in real estate. So he went for it and called an LA publicist to arrange the press conference. At least one person liked the pomp. "I thought it was cool," Weis says.

thats just a half way point of the article, the rest can be found here:


oh yea:

He goes to Internet chat rooms[forums]...

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Thanks for posting this. I rarely go to ESPN's web site anymore, so I never would have seen it.

I'm very impressed by how hard he worked even when he was still in HS. If he keeps up that kind of work ethic, he can't fail.

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Wonder what his favorite beer is...because when I run into him at the epicenter I'm gonna get one from him.

see what you did there

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