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-Official NBA Draft/Lottery Thread -

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Yeah we are hemorrhaging money but if we rid ourselves of Diaw's contract, Tyson Chandler opts out and we not resign Felton we would actually be in pretty good shape. Also we have Nzar who is a soon to be expiring contract who could help a team till then. There are teams in a lot worse shape. The Celtics have 6 guys under contract and over the cap. The Pacers have a bunch of scrubs and are over the cap. It's not that bad really.

If, if, if. We're just as likely to have Chandler not opt out and not be able to trade Diaw unless we take back an equally crappy contract. Fact of the matter is that we're in cap hell right now, nobody knows what's going to happen yet and Jordan supposedly took on a lot of debt and the franchise lost over $10MM last year. It is that bad, and buying a first round pick for $3MM won't be a smart business move, especially when Coach Brown isn't going to play him.

Trading for a pick is one thing, but MJ has no business throwing money around trying to buy a pick, especially in the first round.

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A NBA Mock Draft.

1. Wizards / John Wall PG, Kentucky

2. 76er's / Evan Turner G/F, Ohio State

3. Nets / Greg Monroe PF, Georgetown

4. T-Wolves / Wesley Johnson SF, Syracuse

5. Kings / DeMarcus Cousins C, Kentucky

6. Warriors / Al Farouq-Aminu SF, Wake Forest

7. Pistons / Derrick Favors PF, Georgia Tech

8. Clippers / Paul George G/F, Fresno State

9. Jazz / Xavier Henry SG, Kansas

10. Pacers / Ekpe Udoh PF, Baylor

11. Hornets / Ed Davis PF. UNC

12. Grizzlies / Luke Babbitt SF, Nevada

13. Raptors / Patrick Peterson PF, Kentucky

14. Rockets / Cole Adrich C, Kansas

15. Bucks / Gordon Haywood SF, Butler

16. Grizzlies (through trade) / Eric Bledsoe PG, Kentucky

17. Bulls / Elliot Williams SG, Memphis

18. Heat / Daniel Orton PF, Kentucky

19. Celtics / Dominique Jones G, USF

20. Spurs / Damion James SF, Texas

21. Thunder / Larry Sanders PF, VCU

22. Trail Blazers / Solomon Alabi C, Florida State

23. Bobcats (bought from T-Wolves) / Avery Bradley G, Texas

24. Hawks / James Anderson SG, Oklahoma State

25. T-Wolves / Kevin Seraphin PF, France

26. Thunder / Hassan Whiteside C, Marshall

27. Nets / Quincy Pondexter SF, Washington

28. T-Wolves / Stanley Robinson SF, UConn

29. Magic / Greivis Vasquez PG, Maryland

30. Wizards / Jordan Crawford SG, Xavier

A first round draft pick is 3 million or so. I do believe buying the pick and landing Avery Bradley would be an excellent investment. It would cost us around 4 million to draft and sign Bradley. Felton wants more than the 5.5 million he made last year. Soon enough i think we all would be saying Felton WHO???

2nd round coming soon.

I would be happy with the Cats doing that.

I really doubt NJ takes Monroe over Favors, Favors might be the best player out of the entire draft in a few years. I think Wall is a little overrated.

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1. Washington Wizards – John Wall

2. Philadelphia 76ers – Evan Turner

3. New Jersey Nets – Derrick Favors

4. Minnesota Timberwolves – Wes Johnson

5. Sacremento Kings – DeMarcus Cousins

6. Golden State Warriors – Greg Monroe

7. Detroit Pistons – Ed Davis

8. L.A. Clippers – Luke Babbitt

9. Utah Jazz – Gordon Hayward

10. Indiana Pacers – Ekpe Udoh

11. New Orleans Hornets – Al-Farouq Aminu

12. Memphis Grizzlies – Patrick Patterson

13. Toronto Raptors – Paul George

14. Houston Rockets – Cole Aldrich

15. Milwaukee Bucks – Xavier Henry

16. Minnesota Timberwolves – Daniel Orton

17. Washington Wizards – Damion James

18. Oklahoma City Thunder – James Anderson

19. Boston Celtics – Eric Bledsoe

20. San Antonio Spurs – Avery Bradley

21. Oklahoma City Thunder – Soloman Alabi

22. Portland Trail Blazers – Kevin Seraphin

23. Minnesota Timberwolves – Craig Brackens

24. Atlanta Hawks – Hassan Whiteside

25. Memphis Grizzlies – Larry Sanders

26. Oklahoma City Thunder – Tibor Pleiss

27. New Jersey Nets – Jordan Crawford

28. Memphis Grizzlies – Devin Ebanks

29. Orlando Magic – Quincey Pondexter

30. Washington Wizards – Elliot Williams

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overall, Im happy with what the Hawks did. Damion James made no sense, then I saw the trade for Jordan Crawford.(Nets got Damion James, Hawks got Jordan Crawford and 31st pick Tibor Pleiss(traded to OKC for cash). then drafted Pape Sy in the 2nd. now we have Jamal and Jordan Crawford.

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Jordan Crawford's the dude that dunked on LeBron, right?


EDIT: maybe LeBron will want to be on the same team as him lol

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